Vegan Face Paints

Welcome to our page dedicated to Vegan face paint brands. You can buy here with confidence knowing that all products listed on this page are vegan and animal cruelty free. You can learn more about vegan face paints on this blog post: Vegan Face Paints.

Our collection of vegan face paints are completely free of any animal byproducts including but not limited to: lanolin, carmine, bees wax and shellac based on manufacturer's claims. None of the products sold at JestPaint have ever been tested on animals so you can buy with confidence knowing that no animals were hurt when purchasing products from within this category. Some of the brands listed in here like Paradise and Cameleon are also listed on PETA's list of cruelty free products.  Please do not be confused by natural or organic claims, as those have nothing to do with vegan products. 

Are Vegan Face Paints Natural or Organic?

There is no direct relationship between Vegan products and those organic or natural. Vegan just means the product has no animal sourced ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Organic means that the product has been made with the use of man made chemicals while natural refers to the use of ingredients naturally present in nature (organic or not).

Are Vegan Face Paints Hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of our face paints are hypoallergenic, vegan or not. That means that the ingredients used are known to have a low chance of creating an allergic reaction. Keep in mind that all products can cause an allergic reaction if someone is sensitive to a particular ingredient. When in doubt, ti is best to do a patch test to make sure the person does not react to any of the specific ingredients in your face paints.

Are Vegan face paints Paraben Free?

Not necessarily, some are some are not. Parbens are a group of preservatives that are not of animal origin hence they don't have a direct relationship with a product being vegan or not. You can check the ingredients list of each brand to find out if they are paraben free. One of the Vegan face paint brands we sell that is also paraben free is Fusion Body Art.

Are TAG, Diamond FX, Fusion Body Art, Global Colours, Cameleon and Wolfe FX Vegan?

Yes, all of those brands are vegan based on manufacturers claims.

Are Snazaroo, Kryolan, Superstar, FAB and Graftobian Vegan?

No, those brands are not vegan due to the fact that they contain either lanolin, shellac or carmine in them. Still, none of them have ever been tested on animals based on manufacture's claims.

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