Kraze FX Special Effects Paints - Neon UV Colors

Kraze FX neon special effects painting colors are bold, vibrant, opaque and UV reactive. They can be blended with ease using a sponge or a brush, and they can be used for line work as well, with incredible flow, although lines won't be as sharp as when you use matte colors. If you want to add a UV or neon effect to your designs, this is the paint for you! Remember, these UV colors are black light reactive and they will glow under a black light, which makes them perfect for raves!

Kraze FX professional special effects paints are vegan, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, gluten free, non-toxic and plain fabulous! Their square and stackable containers are a huge space saver, allowing you to fit a lot more colors in your laptop case or kit. If you remove the lids, you can stack up to two colors and close your laptop case without a problem, fitting up to twenty colors per layer.

Kraze FX special effects paints are perfect for Halloween, costume parties, cosplayers, professional painters, beginner artists and for parents to play along with their kids. This safe cosmetic grade formula has been tested and certified safe for cosmetic application by independent labs, but in the USA, because the FDA has not tested these UV pigments for cosmetic application yet, they must be labeled as a special effects product following FDA and EU guidelines. Please keep in mind that these same warnings apply to products like natural henna and permanent tattoo inks; the FDA knows people are using them, but they have not considered them yet enough of a priority likely because there are no reported issues with them, so they have not gotten around testing them.

To apply it just use water, get your painting sponge or brush slightly wet, rub the surface of the cake and then apply it. To wash it off, simply get a gentle sponge or cloth, get it slightly wet, add some soap and work the paint off until all pigments have been loosened. Then, rinse with water and repeat if necessary. Keep in mind that these paints might not come off from surfaces like fabrics.

Kraze FX special effects paints are the perfect brand to get you started or to expand your kit. Designed by a team in the USA and manufactured in Taiwan, this new brand of paint will have you asking for more!

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