GLEAM Glitter Cream by VIVID Glitter

GLEAM Glitter Cream is a spectacular mix of cosmetic grade polyester glitters in a variety of sizes and shapes blended into a wax style cosmetic base. Jackie Howe, creator of VIVID Glitter, designed a skin safe formula to suspend the face painting glitter and make it easy to apply to the face, hair and body. GLEAM Glitter Cream is also perfect for applying on top of face paint since it is not water based and it will not reactivate the face paint. Jackie has combined neon, holographic and metallic solid glitters with stars, hearts, moons, circles and hexagons to create these amazing blends! Apply them with a silicon applicator or the clean end of a paint brush. Use small amounts to accent you face painting designs, or spread large swatches across the cheeks, forehead, chest and arms! Glitter Creams are great for Bling Bars, festival makeovers, unicorn designs, glittering butterflies and so much more! Make sure to use care, and not apply close to the eyes. We carry GLEAM face painting glitter in the standard 10 and 30 gram Jars which contain approximately  7.5 gram - 25 gram of product depending on the density of the glitter used. Please let us know if you would like us to carry another VIVID GLEAM mixes that you don't see listed yet.

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