Elisa Griffith Face Painting Powders

Elisa Griffith's Color Me Pro powders offer a color selection and brightness unmatched by any other pressed powders in the face painting industry. If you like using powders but hate the dullness they can create, this is the solution!  With incredible pigmentation and a great range of colors to choose from, Elisa Griffith has created an amazing collection of pressed powders that can be used on their own or in combination with other pressed powders like StarBlends, or even with regular face paint.

Many face painters choose to create the base work of their design using StarBlends or regular face paint and then use Elisa Griffith's powders to add pops of color with a smoothie, or add stencil patterns to their designs. If you want an even bolder look try using a primer first so that the powder has a base to grab on to. You can use Elisa's primer or any other primer, including lotion.

To apply them simply rub a smoothie blender like the Bolt Brush Velvet Blender against the surface of the powder in a circular motion until you have loosened up enough of it, then press the applicator against the skin either by patting down or swiping. For best results first apply a primer and then press the powders over the primer.

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