Professional Body and Face Paint Palettes

Face paint palettes are some of the most convenient and versatile tools in the face painter’s arsenal. Professional face painters love using palettes because they keep your set up looking organized and professional. Professional face paint palettes keep unlidded paints clean and protected while stored, and are fast and easy to set up and unpack or store at events. The professional size black cases lay flat when open. The smaller sample size and portability of these kits can be important to professionals to allow them to test new brands, have a small set up for walk around events, practice at home, take to jams, or to keep in the car in case a surprise face painting need pops up!

Small Face Paint Palettes Are Great For Beginners

These beautiful palettes can act as perfect face paint kits for beginners because they include a smaller sampling of a wide variety of colors. Buying a diverse and perfectly organized kit allows a new face painter to test the waters or even just have some fun with their own children. If you’re face painting on the go, there is no need to agonize over all the color options. Simply buy a beautiful face painting palette that includes all the shades you need. We now even have Global Fun Strokes in palettes.

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