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Inside JestPaint - The Face Paint Store

Welcome to, the most unique face paint store for professional and beginner face painters and body artists.

Jest Paint is owned and operated by Anna and Santi. Anna is a professional face painter with over 30 years of experience. Santi has been helping her run the store since 2010 and has learned the trade and created his professional body paintings photographed by professional photographers in the USA.

How Was Jest Paint Started and When?

Anna Wilinski started Jest Paint in 2009 with a friend's help that knew how to set up online stores. Anna had been selling her hand-made split cakes at conventions around the country. She wanted to have an online store to make them available to the entire country. Soon after, she was approached by a new brand of face paint at the time, Diamond FX, to start selling their products at her store since she had a significant YouTube following and could promote the products there. Anna was one of the first face painters to start a YouTube channel.

Who Are the Owners of JestPaint?

Anna Wilinski and Santiago Massano own and operate out of an office in Portage, Michigan. Since she was ten years old, Anna has been a face painter, painting along with her mom while clowning around at nursing homes, parades, festivals, and conventions. Anna was born in the USA. Santi was born in Argentina, and he is an Economist that was introduced to the world of face painting by Anna. Santi is trained in business management and helped grow the store from a simple shelf in their living room to a 2000sq ft warehouse/office space in Portage, Michigan.

Anna and Santi from Jest Paint

What Products Does Sell?

At Jest Paint, we sell pretty much everything that a face and body artist or someone looking to have fun with face and body painting (and balloons) could ever want. We have professional-grade face and body paints, cosmetic glitter, stencils, brushes, acrylic jewels, and more. We have a world of face and body art at our store, and you could spend days if you try and look at every product we carry! :)

Jest Paint webiste

Is Jest Paint the Largest Face and Body Art Store Worldwide?

Hard to say, but we are for sure on the top 5 of the most prominent face and body art stores worldwide, serving an ever-growing customer base with over 12 years of experience as an online store and a growing inventory.

What makes Jest Paint so unique?

What makes us unique is how we approach our business. Each customer is as important as the next one or the one before them. At, you are not a number, you are a customer, a supporter of our family and business, and we treat you as such.

We make sure that every order is packed with lots of care. There are no machines involved, just an incredible team of packers that hand pick your products, check them to make sure they are in excellent condition, and pack them with lots of love as fast as possible to receive your products every time.

We are also very concerned about our environment. Since we are a family-owned business and hope to leave a better world for our kids, we focus on finding recyclable and or biodegradable materials for our packaging and offer an option to offset some of your carbon footprint at checkout. 

We focus on working with as many cruelty-free products as possible. According to our manufacturers, no product sold at Jest Paint has ever been tested on animals.

The Jest Paint team also earns well above minimum wage because we are firm believers that anyone working for us should be able to make a living wage, so when you buy from us, you are supporting each one of our workers and offering them an opportunity to make a living wage with their job at Jest Paint.

Last but not least, when you buy a product at Jest Paint, you can rest assured that we have done our research on it. We have asked the manufacturer about ingredients, looked at labels, and made sure that any warnings or important information is posted on our website for you to see before you buy it. We follow up with manufacturers when any question comes up. We don't simply sell things; we make sure that we only offer quality products that we would be willing to use on ourselves or our kids.

How Many Face and Body Paint Products do You Offer at Jest Paint?

It is safe to say we offer enough for everyone or almost everyone to find what they are looking for. We have over three thousand different products at in stock at any given time. We are constantly adding new products, either products we find through research and testing or new products developed by Anna and Santi themselves.

Where Does Jest Paint Get Their Products from?

Although the information about our suppliers is proprietary and confidential, we can tell you that we only work with official distributors and manufacturers, often buying directly from the manufacturer. Some products are developed by Jest Paint and produced by reputable manufacturers worldwide, including the USA. They undergo heavy testing by us before they are released into the market to make sure they meet our quality standards.

How can JestPaint Ship Out Products That Fast?

We have a dedicated team whose primary focus and priority every day is to get your orders out as soon as possible. They are AMAZING at what they do and they really put a lot of care into every package they ship out.
All other things are done after orders are packed. We make sure to have a large enough team every day to handle the volume of orders during the high season. We don't reduce our team during the slow season so that when a new high season comes, the same well-trained team packs your orders with lots of experience under their belt.

Can you Give us Some Numbers?

We can tell you that as of June 2022, we have a team of 3 packers, one person helping us with emails/phone/bookkeeping, and then Anna and I (Santi), the owners, who are constantly connecting with our customers, making changes to orders when requested by our customers, ordering supplies, keeping in touch with everyone on social media and staying on top of all regulations and tax requirements, as well as spending some time developing and researching new products for everyone to enjoy.

We can process over 1000 orders a month if we need to with our current team. We are always looking for trends to anticipate increased demand and hire new team members if required.

We have one of the widest variety of face paint brands being offered at one store. We are currently offering 24 different brands of face paints for you to choose from. We are always looking for new and exciting brands to add on.

We ship our products worldwide, and we have reached over 30 different countries so far and counting.

We have over 100 distributors worldwide that bring you JestPaint products closer to you so that you can buy locally and support your local vendor.

How Does Jest Paint Develop New Products?

At Jest Paint, we first start with identifying a need, either through questionnaires, our own experience, or by seeing a product that already exists but could be significantly improved upon. Once we know what we need, we start doing sketches and brainstorming the best way to design the product we need. Then we go into the design and test phase. This is where we work with manufacturers to create several samples of what we are looking for and go back and forward with them until we get the perfect product. Depending on the product, this can take weeks, months, or years. Once we have the perfect sample, our products go into production and then into the hands of artists to spread the word and try them on the field. By then, our products are available on our website and ready to be bought by all of our customers.

Oceana and Angelo

We also work closely with other brands to help them develop and improve their products because we want only the best for you. Not all products we have helped design have our brand or name, but you would be surprised to learn how many products the team at Jest Paint has helped design.

What Specific Steps Has Taken To reduce its Carbon Footprint?

Here are some of the actions Jest Paint has taken to be a climate-friendly business:

1 - We use biodegradable bubble wrap for all of our orders (unless it suddenly becomes unavailable or costs make it impossible to get at a specific moment in time).

2 - We re-use as much packaging as we can. We re-use all boxes we received from suppliers and packing paper and materials.

3 - When possible, our products are packed in biodegradable plastic bags, like our TAP Stencils, to make them decompose fast and don't leave traces behind.

4 - We offer biodegradable glitter to reduce the possible pollution of water with microplastics.

5 - We use recycled or responsibly sourced paper to print invoices and our TAP Stencil cards.

6 - Our Bolt Brushes are made from responsibly sourced wood, meaning the wood comes from well-managed forests to reduce climate impact and the use of plastics.

7 - We source mainly vegan products. Almost 99% of our brushes are free from animal fur. Nearly 90% of our face paints are entirely free from animal products. None of our products are tested on animals.

8 - The glycerin used on the face paints we sell is plant-based and palm oil-free.

9 - We are working with CarbonClick enabling you to compensate for part of your carbon emissions so that you can shop climate-friendly.

10 - We have changed most of our lights to LED lights to reduce energy use.

11 - We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies when possible.

12 - We use a smart thermostat to reduce heating and cooling to a minimum.

These are just some things we do to help our planet earth. Thank you so much for joining us and enabling us to help make e-commerce more sustainable.


We are glad that you have chosen Jest Paint to get your face painting supplies and we thank you for your support!

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