Ben Nye Face Paint

Ben Nye has been around for decades serving face painters and makeup artists. Our Ben Nye palettes are some of the most durable on the market. If you are in a hot and humid area you will love the fact that Ben Nye MagiCakes come in bold and beautiful colors that won’t melt in your containers. Ben Nye face paint comes in tons of fun pigments for any application including bold creamy paints, shimmering glitter paints, and lumiere palettes of loose powder.

Ben Nye Stage Makeup

We carry a broad range of Ben Nye makeup that includes everything from traditional face paint to clown makeup and special effects pigments that allow you to totally transform into anything you can dream. Go from joyful jester to scary zombie with a line you can trust. The only limit with our Ben Nye body paint is your own imagination so shop our selection today!

Ben Nye Face Painting Tips


Ben Nye are products are some of the best products in the market. Ben Nye theatrical makeup products are perfect for face painting. Ben Nye Magicakes provide a very good sweat resistant coverage unlike almost any other face painting product. Ben Nye Lumiere powders are perfect to add some magical shine to your designs. Use them alone or in combination with other face painting powders. Ben Nye clown makeup products have been an industry staple for years due to their high quality and affordable prices. Don't forget to check our Ben Nye special effects products and their line of makeup activators and sealers. Ben Nye Final Seal is our top choice for sealing face paint.


In order to activate Ben Nye Magicakes face paints, use a damped face painting sponge or face painting brush. First, get your sponge or brush slightly wet, make sure to remove any excess water before activating the face paint. Then, rub the brush or sponge against the face paint cake in order to activate the paint. Make sure to keep rubbing back and forward until the paint has a creamy consistency. If you are using a face painting brush for line work you can also go for a more ink like consistency. If you have too much water on the cake keep rubbing the sponge or brush in order to work that water into the paint and get the right consistency. 

In order to activate Ben Nye Lumiere Powders you will want to use our Bolt Brush Velvet Blender. Rub very gently the surface of the cake until you get a good load on your applicator. Don't press too hard or the powder cake will brake.

Ben Nye clown makeup products do not need any water. Just use a makeup sponge and rub it gently against the product to load it with paint.


Once you have your preferred applicator loaded with face paint, then apply it to the skin. If you are using a sponge make sure to apply the face paint using a patting motion rather than swiping your sponge. Patting gently and consistently gives you a much smoother and opaque base than swiping your sponge. We recommend to use face painting sponges when applying a base coat. Some Ben Nye Magicake colors require a second coat to look more opaque.

When working with brushes simply lay the face painting brush against the skin and move in the desired direction. Make sure to keep a steady firm hand to have good control over your brush.

To apply Ben Nye Lumiere powders simply rub the loaded applicator against the skin while gently pressing with your finger the applicator's head against the skin to help the powders stick to the skin. Sometimes, if the person has a very dry skin you might need to use a makeup primer or a very small amount of lotion, just enough to make their skin "sticky" so that the powders can stick to it.


Ben Nye water activated Magicakes and Lumiere Powders can be easily removed with soap and water. You can use a soft sponge or cloth to aid int he removal process. Always start by coating the skin with a thin layer of soap. Once you have worked the soap into the face paint, then proceed to rinse. You might need to repeat this process a few times. Always make sure to be gentle, excessive rubbing of your skin can cause irritation. Also, we suggest not to use scented baby wipes since the perfume can cause allergic reactions. If any stains are left on the skin, consider using lotion. You might need to let the lotion set in for a few minutes before wiping it off. In the rare case in which a stain is still visible after this process, please wait for 24 hours before attempting to wash off the area again. Normal sweating and oil production from your skin will aid int he removal process, as well as rubbing against your sheets while you sleep.

Keep in mind that all face paints can stain since it depends mostly on your skin type. If you are concerned, always try a small patch of the color on the area to be painted and test for stains 30 minutes after. If the color does leave a stain, you might want to consider using a different color if that concerns you.

To remove Ben Nye Clown Makeup products you will need to use mineral oil, a makeup remover product or a lot of soap and water since those products have a much higher oil content than regular face painting products.

To remove the paint off your face painting brushes and sponges, we recommend using a brush soap like the Pink Soap by Mona Liza. These soaps are designed to remove oils and pigments off your tools and will do a much better job than regular hand soap. Once your tools have been washed off and throughly rinsed to remove all traces of soap, let them dry out completely before storing them.


Like with all cosmetic products, it is always best to keep Ben Nye face painting products away from a direct light source and in a cool and dry environment. Excessive heat can make your face paints really soft, and excessive light can fade the colors on the outer layers of your cake. An excess of humidity can cause mold to grow and spoil your face paints.

Before putting your face paints away after you used them, make sure to wipe the top clean using a clean sponge (do not use baby wipes since they will leave a fuzzy layer on your cakes), let them dry out with the lids open and then proceed to put the lids back on and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. You can use laptop cases to keep light away from your cakes.


All Ben Nye makeup products have been formulated with FDA approved pigments for cosmetic application.

Like all cosmetic products, face paints can cause an allergic reaction if the individual is allergic to any of its components. Although Ben Nye face paints have been formulated with special ingredients to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, an allergy free experience can not be guaranteed by any manufacturer. The manufacturer recommends that this product should not be applied to broken or sensitive skin. Test by placing a small amount to the wrist, if reaction occurs within 30 minutes do not use.

Please know that in the US the FDA does not recommend the use of purple, red blue and green makeup colors near the eyes or lips area, regardless of the brand.


Please open each individual product to learn about ingredients and other allergens.


If you would like a copy of Ben Nye's Material Safety Data Sheets, please click here to download the MSDS.


Please open each individual product to learn about ingredients and other allergens.

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