COVID-19 Prevention Policies

Dear Customers, as you know the safety and well being of our staff and our customers comes before anything else. Because of that, we have taken the following measures to protect you and our staff and still be able to operate:

1 - We have only one employee working at the warehouse/office.

2- No walk-ins are allowed for as long as the social distancing measures are recommended.

3 - All incoming shipments into our warehouse get sprayed with antimicrobial/antibacterial CDC approved sprays.

4 - When the mailman comes to pick our packages our packer leaves the packages by the door and maintains a safe distance from the mailman.

5 - As soon as our staff member gets to the office she washes her hand with soap and water and starts to pick orders.

6 - In between every order she packs she sanitizes the packing desk and washes her hands with soap and water.

7 - We are not accepting any returns right now to prevent receiving any products that could have been in contact with the virus.

8 - All of our suppliers have similar measures to help us receive safe packages from them.

9 - Our staff member has been directed not to come to work if she is unwell. 

10 - We have stocked the office with necessary CDC approved sanitizing equipment to keep our office virus free.

11 - And as always, all the products you receive are unopened and brand new.

12 - Based on MI Executive Order 2020-91 we proceed to make our COVID-19 protocol available to all customers and employees through the following link: JEST PAINT LLC COVID-19 PROTOCOL. This information is copyrighted and CAN NOT be used by any other company as it only applies to Jest Paint LLC.

These are complicated times but we want to assure you that we have taken all recommended measures by the authorities to provide a safe work place and a safe environment so that we can provide our customers with products they feel safe using. Please keep in mind that all of these measures can slow down our otherwise stellar shipping speed. We hope you understand. Thank you so much for your support and stay safe!

Anna and Santi

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