Trilogy TAP Face Painting Stencils

Trilogy TAP face painting stencils were designed by Santiago Massano, here in the Jest Paint product lab! Trilogy Stencils include two wrap round stencils and one wand stencil. The wand stencils were designed for artists who like to work with negative spaces, plus they have a little bit of traditional stencil patterns in the wands handle. The wrap around sections are perfect for stenciling around the eye and across the forehead. They can also be used for decolletage, cheek art, bracelets and arm bands! Face painters will love these Trilogy stencil sets! All you have to do is snip them apart and you can store them on a snap ring, attach them to your kit with velcro tabs or hand them from a peg board. You are going to find scales, stars, hearts, unicorns, mermaids, cheetah print and so much more in these little stencils designed for little faces!

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