All Face Paint Brushes by Brand

Have a blast searching through our huge collection of face painting brushes sorted by brand. Here you will find face painting brushes by some of the most popular face paint brands. All of our face painting brushes have been carefully chosen by our team of professional face painters to provide you with good quality tools to make your work stand up. You will find inexpensive options for those looking for a a brush that can just do the trick, or higher quality products at a higher value for the professional doing this for a living.

Keep in mind that brushes are delicate tools that need good care, including regular washing, not leaving them in water, drying them laying down, etc and they need to be replaced regularly (usually once a year) since bristles will start to loose its shape after repeated usage. Some brushes will last longer than others based on the material and frequency of usage, but eventually all of them need to be replaced.

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