PK Frisbee Stencils

PK Frisbee Stencils are a face painters dream come true! Each stencil has between 4 and 9 patterns on them, which make them easy to use and organize! You will find crowns, centerpieces, textures and cheek art designs. These are sized for kids, but can be used on adult faces. Create fast mermaids, flaming skulls, princesses, fairies, tribal looks, graffiti eyes and more! You can use these thin flexible Mylar stencils on the curves of the face and body.  Frisbee Stencils are designed by owner Carlos Valay and other professional face painters, like the amazing Gio Guzman! Come check them out and see what ones would be a perfect addition to your face painting kit. Please note, at Jest Paint we do not carry any stencils that have images that could infringe on licensed character trademarks.

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