Festival Glitter Chunky Glitter Gels by the Art Factory

Festival Glitter is a chunky glitter gel designed by the team at The Art Factory to be used on your body, hair or face (away from the eyes). It looks great on its own or together with face paint, as an accent. These are large 1.5oz jars that will last a long time!

This chunky glitter gel can be applied with a filbert brush or silicone applicator. Make sure not to apply it directly over face paint because the gel can smear the design. The gel can take a few minutes to dry out, although Festival Glitter was designed to be thicker than other brands, by increasing the amount of glitter and reducing the amount of gel, so it tends to dry faster and have a great bold look!

Festival Glitter was designed with polyester glitters so that it can be used on the body; still, due to the size of the glitter we recommend to keep it away from the eye area, and to prevent using it on small children that might rub the glitter off and touch their eyes with it. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You may receive your Festival Glitter a bit dehydrated due to water loss during shipping or it may dry out while in your kit. If your Festival Glitter has lost moisture you can mix in bottled water or glitter gel base to reconstitute it. This video helps show how to remedy the situation - Click Here to see it!

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