Glitter Tattoo Kits

Check out all of these well designed Art Factory and Glimmer glitter tattoo kits filled with all of the glitter tattoo supplies you need for any sized event! Kids and adults love glitter tattoos because they are ridiculously sparkly, the designs are awesome, and you can enjoy them for a few days with proper care. You can remove Glitter Tattoos with rubbing alcohol. 

You will also find a washable glitter tattoo kit by the Art Factory that uses a glue that will allow you to wash off your design with soap and water at the end of the day. 

We also have stencil set and glitter sets on this page so that you can build your own glitter tattoo kit! Check this page out if you want to order your glitter tattoo stencils separately. Click here to order Body Glue separately! Follow this link to learn how to apply glitter tattoos

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