Frozen Winter - Face Painting Prouducts

Enjoy our collection dedicated to winter and all frozen things! You can recreate looks from your favorite movies like Disney®'s version of the Snow Queen: Disney Frozen®, or you can simply create your own look inspired on winter and cold weather!

Become your own Snow Queen, or create a new winter character. You can also become Jack Frost, the Yeti, a snowman and many other characters.

Browse our large collection of frozen winter inspired face paints, glitters and stencils and create your perfect look! Also, don't forget to read our blog post to get some great ideas and inspiration for your own look.

If you want to recreate a Frozen or Winter look, simply get some face paints, like white, blue, silver, some split cakes with frozen like colors, a snowflake stencil and some fun glitters and make it happen! Parents, cosplayers, kids and professional face and body painters can have a lot of fun designing new frozen winter inspired makeup looks!

Have fun with all of our frozen winter inspired face and body painting makeup products and show us what you have done! Also, go to Instagram and search for #frozen for some great inspiration!

Disney Frozen® and Disney® are registered trade marks of Disney Enterprises, Inc. None of the products below are claimed to be official Disney® products.


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