Environmental Commitment

Jest Paint is going green

Having a more sustainable business that can help prevent or reduce climate change is critical for us. We work daily to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint so that future generations and us can enjoy a cleaner planet. 

Here are some of the actions Jest Paint has taken to be a climate friendly business:

1 - We use biodegradable bubble wrap for all of our orders (unless it suddenly becomes unavailable or costs make it impossible to get at a specific moment in time).

2 - We re use as much packaging as we can. We re use all boxes we received from suppliers as well as packing paper and materials.

3 - When possible, our own products are packed in biodegradable plastic bags, like our TAP Stencils, to ensure they decompose fast and don't leave traces behind.

4 - We offer biodegradable glitter to reduce the possible pollution of water with micro plastics.

5 - We use recycled or responsible sourced paper for printing invoices and for our TAP Stencil cards.

6 - Our Bolt Brushes are made from responsible sourced wood, meaning the wood comes from well managed forest to reduce climate impact and the use of plastics.

7 - We source mainly vegan products. Almost 99% of our brushes are free from animal fur, almost 90% of our face paints are completely free from animal products and none of our products are tested on animals.

8 - The glycerin used on the face paints we sell is plant based and it is palm oil free.

9 - We are working with CarbonClick enabling you to compensate for part of your carbon emissions, so you can shop climate friendly.

10 - We have changed most of our lights to LED lights to reduce energy use.

11 - We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies when possible.

12 - We use smart thermostat to reduce the use of heating and cooling to a minimum.

These are just some of the things we do to help our planet earth. Thank you so much for joining us and enabling us to help make e-commerce more sustainable.

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