All Glitter Gels by Brand

Have you ever seen a larger collection of face painting glitter gels in your life? Be mesmerized by these glittery inventions and have fun choosing the one you like the most! You won't be able to just pick one. 

Glitter gels are a face painting must have and can be used in different ways. Some glitter gels come with a fine tip applicator so that you can make small dots or outline parts of your face painting designs. Other gels come in a jar so that you can spread them with a brush or silicon applicator in large areas of your design, just as a background texture, or instead of face paint. 

Some of these glitters are suspended in a cosmetic grade gel and because of their high water content it is always recommended for you to keep your gels tightly sealed and away from direct heat sources; that way, they won't dry out.

NEW Glitter Cremes, Pastes and Balms are wax/oil based so that they do not activate your water based face paint when you apply them on top of your face painting designs! They don't dry out and are very easy to use!

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