Wholesale Face Paints

Jest Paint is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale face paints to retailers all over the world. We are an official distributor for Fusion Body Art, Superstar and Global Colours face paints and we have a network of over 100 vendors world wide that buy wholesale face paint supplies from us.

We also have our own line of brushes, stencils, sponges and practice mats, and we distribute products for The Art Factory as well.

How to Get Wholesale Face Paints?

If you are a face paint retailer you can buy face paints and other supplies at wholesale prices from us. Simply send us an email to wholesale@jestpaint.com and we will send let you know what is needed to qualify for wholesale prices.

Please remember, we only sell face paints at wholesale prices to approved retailers that have a face and body art store. Makeup stores, clown supplies stores, costume stores, special fx stores and other related stores can also apply for our wholesale program.

What are the Benefits of Joining our Wholesale Program?

As a retailer you will have access to our entire wholesale face paints collection as well as other body art related supplies. You will have your own wholesale account and you will be able to place orders online accessing our full inventory. Orders will normally be shipped within 48 business hours using the USPS.

We offer very competitive wholesale prices and conditions and we will keep you informed about stock, new products, and any other developments that pertain the brands we sell. We also consult regularly with our wholesalers on ways to improve the products, or on new product ideas.

If you work with JestPaint you will be treated as a business partner. We will provide you with images and all you need to know about our products so that you can be selling in no time.

What Else Should you Know About our Wholesale Face Paints Program?

Check our list of wholesale face paints below and send us an email to get your account today. Wholesale prices are only visible once your account has been approved. Prices for the products below are at retail.

What are the specific requirements to join our Wholesale Face Paints program?

A full list of requirements will be provided to you by e-mail since this is confidential trade information, but a basic requirement is for you to be an actual retailer either in the USA or abroad. You will be required to prove that you are a retailer before you are given any more information on our wholesale program.

Can Professional Face Painters access our wholesale program?

Professional face painters are our main retail customer. Unlike in the beauty industry were products can be really over priced and then a discount is provided to certified or licensed makeup artists, in the face paint world products are more accessible and there is no official government regulated professional face painter certification. Because of that, and to support our retail partners that invest heavily in our industry to bring good quality products to our customers, we only grant access to wholesale prices for our face and body art products to proven retailers.

Do you have a Wholesale Catalog? 

We do, but our wholesale product's collection sometimes grows fast and our catalog might be out of date sometimes. We suggest for you to e-mail us and we will give you a comprehensive list of our wholesale face paint products. 

You can access our wholesale catalog here: Wholesale Face Paints

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