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Face painting can be anything from a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon to a career working kid’s parties and music festivals. If you are interested in taking your face painting skills to the next level you can learn to face paint with our professional books and DVDs for all skill levels. The top face painting artists will share their secrets to face painting with you so you can easily replicate their designs and learn to create your own. We also have practice pads so you can try out new looks and design sheets to help your clients get creative ideas while waiting their turn to have their faces painted.

Our step by step face painting guides will show you how to create beautiful and colorful designs with ease. You can even purchase issues of illusion magazine for inspiration and trends in the face painting world to stay on top of your game. Check out our body and face paint books and videos today!

Please note: DVDS, books, magazines, practice boards and downloadables cannot be returned.

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