Pixie Paint Chunky Glitter Gels by Amerikan Body Art

Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paints are amazing blends of polyester glitters in a variety of sizes and shapes suspended in an Aloe Vera based mixing gel. You will go crazy watching these chunky glitters shine on your face paint creations, or even just over plain skin! We recommend keeping chunky glitters away from the eye area and not to use them on kids that might rub their face and spread the glitter into their eyes. 

 Get a bottle for you, and a bottle for your gigs, because you will not be able to keep your hands off of it! Don't forget to check out Jest Paints Custom Mix - Unicorn Delight!! 

LIDS MAY VERY IN STYLE. Some are metal and some are plastic.

We now have Pixie Paints in the 1oz and 4oz containers, and a few in the limited edition PARTY SIZE so be sure to check the 2nd page to see the larger containers for super glitter addicts!

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