Temporary Tattoo Inks

Are you looking for skin safe long lasting body paint for free hand or airbrush tattoos? This page has a little sample of the liquid INKS available at Jest Paint that are perfect for face and body painters. Make sure to check out each brand for the entire selection of colors if you want  more that just black or a starter kit. Choose from Colorini (stock is limited) and Glimmer Body Art INK for free hand body art or for using with adhesive backed tattoo stencils, or you can choose Endura or  Proaiir INK for free hand brush or airbrush works of art.

Inks are alcohol based cosmetics and can only be removed with oils or alcohol. They can last 3 to 7 days on the skin depending where you apply them and how well the area is cared for. Since they are harder to remove it is not recommended to use inks on the face, but if do choose to use them on the face keep them away from the immediate eye area. 

If you want to create Temporary Tattoos that will wash off with liquid hand soap you can try Proaiir Dips. These are thicker than Proaiir Hybrid Airbrush Face Paint, and can be applied with a brush.  If you want a solid cake that needs an activator, check out Proaiir Solids.

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