Kraze FX Face Paint

Jest Paint makes it a point to carry the best body paints on earth. Kraze or Kraze FX non-toxic face paint is a brand new line of professional face paints designed by the people behind Clown Antics and manufactured in Taiwan. Kraze FX makes a cruelty free water activated face and body paint known for its bright, high pigmented hypoallergenic colors so you can create lasting and vibrant face painting looks. Kraze FX is famous for its amazing line of brilliant colors and ideal consistency for layering and blending to allow you to create complex long lasting looks like alien skin, unicorns, mermaids, princes crowns or butterflies. All of the essential and Metallic Kraze FX face painting colors are EU and FDA compliant with cosmetic regulations to ensure a safe experience.

We carry Kraze FX palettes in addition to small and large color cakes which makes this line perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you are looking to create an avant garde full body look for a photoshoot or simply want to have fun and be creative at a kid’s birthday party, Kraze FX will give you the wow factor you are looking for.

Kraze FX is specially known for its square AND stackable containers for their solid colors and large split cakes, as well as for their domed split cakes and 1 stroke cakes. Currently, no other brand of face paint offers these features so we at JestPaint are excited to be able to carry Kraze FX products and make these incredible features available to you.

Kraze FX Face and Body Paints Face Painting Tips



Kraze FX face and body paints have an amazing range of face and body art products specifically designed for beginner and professional face and body painters. Kraze FX has a very large selection of bold colors that will pop off the skin! Kraze FX face paints are particularly good for line work since they flow effortlessly off your brush and allow for clean sharp strokes. Kraze face paints can certainly be used as a base color since they provide a bold coverage and can be easily blended! Their special effects products like the neon paints are perfect for black light events and can be used on many surfaces. Kraze FX also has a huge range of split cakes for speed face painting, including their world famous domed split cakes. Kraze FX face paints are made in Taiwan but the company is from the USA; that is where all the design work happens.

Kraze FX Face Paints - Properties

PRO TIP: Due to the dry nature of a few of the Kraze FX face paints, you may find cracks on the surface or through the cakes. Though the paint is perfectly fine, this can be fixed by warming the cakes up a bit and pressing them, or by continued use with water to re-hydrate them.


In order to activate Kraze FX professional face paints, use a damped face painting sponge or face painting brush. First, get your sponge or brush slightly wet, make sure to remove any excess water before activating the face paint to prevent dripping paint from ruining your design. Then, rub the brush or sponge against the face paint cake in order to activate the paint. Make sure to keep rubbing back and forward until the paint has a creamy consistency. If you are using a face painting brush for line work you can also go for a more ink like consistency. If you have too much water on the cake keep rubbing the sponge or brush in order to work that water into the paint and get the right consistency.


Once you have your preferred applicator loaded with Kraze FX face paint, then apply it to the skin. If you are using a sponge make sure to apply the face paint using a patting motion rather than swiping your sponge since patting gently and consistently gives you a much smoother and opaque base than swiping your sponge. We recommend to use face painting sponges when applying a base coat although you can also use a kabuki brush.

When working with brushes simply lay the face painting brush against the skin and move in the desired direction. Make sure to keep a steady firm hand to have good control over your brush.


Using split cakes can look tricky at first, but once you get used to it you will find them easy to use. When loading your split cake make sure to move your sponge or brush back and forward following the direction of the stripes. Make sure not to shake your applicator side to side so that the colors don't get muddy. When using a brush, you will likely want to use a 3/4' or 1" face painting brush, if you use a sponge we suggest going for the half circle sponges or the tear drop shaped ones. Move your brush/sponge in the direction you wish, making sure not to flip your brush so that colors don't get muddy.

The domed cakes are specially good for those of you that worry about the middle of the cake wearing off faster than the edges. To load your domed cakes, instead of swiping your brush or sponge from one end to the other, it is best if you swipe from one end to the middle, and then from the other end to the middle, so not to flatten your cake.


Kraze FX face paints can be removed easily with just soap and water. You can use a soft sponge or cloth to aid in the removal process. Always start by coating the skin with a thin layer of soap. Once you have worked the soap into the face paint, then proceed to rinse. You might need to repeat this process a few times. Always make sure to be gentle, excessive rubbing of your skin can cause irritation. Also, we suggest not to use scented baby wipes since the perfume can cause allergic reactions. If any stains are left on the skin, consider using lotion. You might need to let the lotion set in for a few minutes before wiping it off. In the rare case in which a stain is still visible after this process, please wait for 24 hours before attempting to wash off the area again. Normal sweating and oil production from your skin will aid int he removal process, as well as rubbing against your sheets while you sleep.

Keep in mind that all face paints can stain since it depends mostly on your skin type. If you are concerned, always try a small patch of the color on the area to be painted and test for stains 30 minutes after. If the color does leave a stain, you might want to consider using a different color if that concerns you. Colors like dark green, dark blue and teal are usually more likely to stain in every brand.

To remove the face paint off your face painting brushes and sponges, we recommend using a brush soap like the Lush Brush from the Art Factory. These soaps are designed to remove oils and pigments off your tools and will do a much better job than regular hand soap. Once your tools have been washed off and thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of soap, let them dry out completely before storing them.


Like with all cosmetic products, it is always best to keep DFX face paints away from a direct light source and in a cool and dry environment. Excessive heat can make your face paints really soft, and excessive light can fade the colors on the outer layers of your cake. An excess of humidity can cause mold to grow and spoil your face paints.

Before putting your face paints away after you used them, make sure to wipe the top clean using a clean sponge (do not use baby wipes since they will leave a fuzzy layer on your cakes), let them dry out with the lids open and then proceed to put the lids back on and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. You can use laptop cases to keep light away from your cakes.


All Kraze FX Essential and Metallic colors have been formulated with FDA approved pigments for cosmetic application. All neon colors are considered a special effects product and do not comply with FDA cosmetic regulations although they have been independently tested for skin safety and have been determined safe to be used on the skin by independent laboratories, according to the manufacturer. Neon colors contain pigments that have not yet been tested by the US FDA to be used on cosmetics. They are considered safe for skin by other countries.

Kraze FX Properties

Like all cosmetic products, face paints can cause an allergic reaction if the individual is allergic to any of its components. Although Kraze FX face paints have been formulated with special ingredients to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, an allergy free experience can not be guaranteed by any manufacturer. The manufacturer recommends that this product should not be applied to broken or sensitive skin. Test by placing a small amount to the wrist, if reaction occurs within 30 minutes do not use.

Please know that in the US the FDA does not recommend the use of purple, red blue and green makeup colors near the eyes or lips area, regardless of the brand. Use within 12 months of opening the package. It contains small parts which may cause chocking (this is related to the kids manipulating the product, not regarding kids being painted).


Based on the manufacturers claim, Kraze FX face paints are hypoallergenic and vegan since they do not contain any animal sourced ingredients or byproducts and they are not tested on animals. Also, the manufacturer assured us that although these face paints are not manufactured in a Gluten Free Certified facility, the product contains no gluten. The product also contains no ingredients derived from nuts, and all face paint colors are paraben free as well as free of perfumes.


If you would like a copy of Kraze FX Face Art face paints' Material Safety Data Sheet, please click here to download the MSDS.


Ingredients: Paraffin Wax(8002-74-2) Ricinus Communis (Caster) Seed Oil (8001-79-4) Glycerine(56-81-5) (471-34-1) Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3) Stearyl Alcohol (112-92-5) Phenoxyethanol (122-99-6) Ethylhexylglycerin (70445-33-9) Disodium EDTA(139-33-3) Sodium Benzoate(532-32-1) Acacia Senegal (9000-01-5) Dextrin(9004-53-9) Water. To see the specific pigments for each color please go to the particular color you are interested in and click to open it. Each color has the pigments listed.


Ingredients: Paraffin Wax(8002-74-2) Ricinus Communis (Caster) Seed Oil (8001-79-4) Glycerine(56-81-5) (471-34-1) Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3) Stearyl Alcohol (112-92-5) Phenoxyethanol (122-99-6) Ethylhexylglycerin (70445-33-9) Disodium EDTA(139-33-3) Sodium Benzoate(532-32-1) Acacia Senegal (9000-01-5) Dextrin(9004-53-9) Water. To see the specific pigments for each color please go to the particular color you are interested in and click to open it. Each color has the pigments listed.

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