Diva Stencils

Are you a face painting diva?! April Fredg's amazing line of Diva Stencils have been taking the world by storm, making face painting with stencils fast and easy. She works with other face painting artists to get a wide variety of cool and beautiful designs that can give your face painting that extra edge!

Have trouble painting dainty fairies and mermaids? Diva Stencils for face paint are here to save the day! Need intricate frozen snowflakes for your ice princesses and queens? Check out all the snowflake stencils in different sizes and patterns! Struggle with scary designs that the kids will love?! Diva has a lot of creepy skulls, dragons, bats, flames, webs and dinosaur stencils to help you out. If you love to face paint with stencils, you are going to find perfect stencils for face paint here!

Let us know if there are any Diva Stencils that you would like to see at Jest Paint that aren't listed yet. Make it Simple, Make it Diva!

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