Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitter

Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitter is made from a combination of sizes and colors of super sparkly glitters that are safe for use on the skin and hair. Chunky Glitters are perfect for face painting and festival make up looks! Makeup artists can apply Biodegradable Superstar glitters on top of wet face paint, body glue, or any type of skin safe gel base. Jest Paint has many combos to choose from, so you can add that extra pizazz to your mermaids, ice princesses, dragons, butterflies and more!


How to Apply Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitters

First, apply some colorless gel on the area you wish to apply the glitter and then simply scoop up some Superstar Chunky Glitter using a filbert brush or a silicon applicator and spread over the area of the face or body that you applied the gel to. You can also use Superstar Chunky glitters on the hair by sprinkling it over the scalp, or spreading it over he hair with the help of hair gel. These Superstar face painting glitter product is so easy to use and makes such an impact that you can't miss your chance of adding it to your face painting kit.

How to Remove Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitters

You can use soap and water to remove Superstar Chunky glitters from your body or face. Some face painters recommend using something like a business card to gently scrape off the glitter from your skin and dispose of it on a trash can so that the chunky glitter doesn't end up in the water. 

Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitter

Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitters are 100% plastic free, certified biodegradable, and contain no metals so that you can use it as face painting glitter. This is a key difference with craft glitter which is made from metals that can damage the eye if glitter gets in it by accident. Still, we recommend keeping Superstar Loose Chunky Glitters away from the immediate eye area to avoid any issues. You can still use this face painting glitter product to enhance your face painting designs by applying it around the temples, on the forehead, on the cheeks, around the neck or cleavage, etc. Although there is no official definition of what cosmetic glitter is, Superstar has designed their loose chunky glitters to make sure they are safe to use as cosmetic glitters around the face and body.

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