Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencils

Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencils are the newest creation of the team at Jest Paint. Designed by Anna and Santi, Galaxy TAP Stencils allows professional and beginner face painters to create amazing designs with ease. Use these face painting templates to add details or textures to your designs in just a few seconds. Each stencil has several patterns based on a theme and they can be combined or used individually. Having all the different designs on one stencil makes it easier to find the stencil you need while face painting, instead of going through 40 different individual stencils, and the extra blank space provides a larger barrier against over spray. The Stencil is 7.5" in diameter and each individual pattern is about 2" in diameter. If you are looking for individual designs feel free to check our TAP Stencils category of face painting stencils.

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