SEO and Website Services for Entertainers

Hire a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing expert to help get your website optimized for Google searches and for Google Local searches.

Santi has worked on SEO for ten years turning into one of the top sites on Google searches for most face paint supply related searches. He has done so through extensive research, online classes and trial and error.

With his vast experience in SEO in a market that he knows very well, he can help you optimize your website to improve your Google rating.

Hiring a marketing agency can cost you thousands of dollars and they usually apply one recipe for all markets and they have little understanding of our very unique industry. When you hire Santi you get an insider to help you build a more search friendly website.

You can hire Santi to conduct a website and Google Search results audit with recommendations on how to optimize your website for Google.

You can also hire Santi to help you write your web content using optimized text that will help bring higher traffic. 

Santi does not provide website design services so you will be in charge of implementing the changes suggested. This makes his services more affordable and allows you to do the part you know how to, and put him in charge of what he knows best.

His SEO and Website optimization services are budget friendly so that anyone in the face painting, balloon, glitter tattoos, airbrush industry can afford them!

In a market where very few people invest in SEO, being the one that does can make you stand out fast and get more clients your way.

Remember, now a days anyone looking for a service is likely going to Google it. If you show up on their search results you are much more likely to be hired!

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