DIPS - Water Resistant Face Paint

DIPS is a water proof face and body paint, great for pool parties, dance clubs or any other occasion where you need your paint to last longer. Dazzle DIPS have a opalescent shimmer in them. You should only use dips for brush work since it is a highly concentrated formula. It will not work well with a sponge. You can apply ProAiir's Hybrid DIPS on top of water, powder or alcohol based paints. Read the detailed description when you open each product to learn about what would be the best combo of DIPS and base paints for your event.

Because of its highly concentrated formula DIPS has been designed for doing line work and not for doing bases with a sponge. Apply a base of powder based face paint and do your lines with DIPS for a sweat resistant design. If you are looking for a water resistant design, apply the regular ProAiir Hybrid Airbrush Paint with a sponge or airbrush equipment and do your lines on top with DIPS. Face oils can break DIPS down, so for the best results use a power base with them and apply on clean skin.

To wash off, simply apply liquid soap to your skin and rub gently until all paint has been removed. DO NOT apply water first, it won't work and it will make it harder for soap to work its way through the makeup.

To clean your brushes use liquid soap and then water, or alcohol directly.

You can thin out the product with 99% alcohol. Do not use water.

To prevent drying please keep the lid on at all times. You can put some drops into an old makeup container and use from there. If the product dries in your container, apply a drop of 99% alcohol to re activate. Don't use too much alcohol or it will thin out too much and look transparent.

Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol SDA 40-B, Caster Seed Oil, Ethylcellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, Zinc Stereate, May Contain FD&C Pigments, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide. Do not apply if your customer have allergies to fragrances - Has a Green Apple Scent

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