Superstar Face Paint | Custom Build Pro Palette - 12 45gr cakes

Here is a perfect way to build a Pro Palette to get you started with Superstar Paints! These amazing paints are known to be great for smooth bases, so get ready for some amazing bold and blend-able colors!

This product includes: 12 Superstar 45 gram Colors of your choice Black Plastic Case Foam Insert to keep your paints secure, organized and to add a professional touch to your kits appearance! To create your custom build palette, select the colors of your choice from the the products below; the case and insert will be added automatically.

You have to select 12 colors, once all 12 have been selected you will be prompted to look at your selection, you can change it at any time. Only in stock colors can be chosen. Once all colors have been chosen a sign will pop up prompting you to see your bundle.

If you like it then click ADD TO CART, if not you can change it until you are happy with it. ATTENTION: THE PRODUCT COUNTER WILL START AT 2 (FOR THE CASE AND INSERT), SO YOU NEED TO GET TO 14 PRODUCTS, MEANING 12 COLORS, A CASE AND AN INSERT

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