Sparkling Faces | Face Painting Practice Board - NEW 3/4 Angle - Little Max (For the LEFT Handed Artist)

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What materials is this Sparkling Faces practice board made from?

The Sparkling Faces face painting practice boards are made from washable plastic that has a slight texture to reduce your brush for slipping. The designs are carefully screen printed on the back of the transparent plastic and then sealed with a thick durable layer of paint. Only paint on the plastic side of the board.

What are the board's dimensions?

The Sparkling Faces boards are printed on A4 plastic sheets which are equal to about 8.3 × 11.7 inches or a standard piece of printing paper.

What are Sparkling Faces practice boards best for?

Don't forget, practice makes progress! The New Little Max boy practice board has a 3/4 face angle which is perfect for cheek art, eye designs or 1/2 face designs. This wider angle of the face gives you more room to complete your 1/2 face designs as it flows over the forehead. Max's skin tone is great for planning designs with colors that will pop on darker skin, though design boards are no replacement for practicing on actual skin. The direction she is facing is idea for left handed artists. Sparkling Faces Practice Boards are perfect for face painters who need an easy to wash surface to try new designs, but don't want to paint their own face, can't find a model, or who want an easy way to create bright colorful design boards. These amazing boards come in many different styles for boys and girls, and there is even an arm board for body art. To create your own design boards simply take photos of your painted boards under bright natural light and scan or upload to your computer to collage together. You can also print each photo  individually and then store in an album or a hanging card holder. Practice skulls, half face monsters, super heroes, wild animals, cool cheek art, and so much more with Max. 

How do I use this face painting practice board?

Wash your board with soap and water before your first use. Get your brush wet, tap off any excess moisture, and then swipe the brush back and forth on your face paint cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply paint to the board in smooth strokes and re-load brush as needed. You can also sponge on colors or add liquid bling to your finished designs. To avoid dripping or beading, and to promote faster drying of the paint, make sure that your paint is thick and creamy, not wet and inky.

How do I clean my face painting practice board after use?

You can easily clean your practice boards with dish soap, water and a soft sponge. Make sure to wash off your boards before you store them to prevent staining. You can remove stubborn stains with cooking oil. To be on the safe side, test super pigmented paint color on the corner of your face paint board to see if they are easy to wash









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