Pro Laptop Plain Face Painting Case - Without Insert

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by Plasticase | Product Code: PC100

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Need a flat case to keep your paints in order? I have been using these for years, and love them!

  • The Pro Laptop case is solid black with out any logos.
  • There is a peg and hole snap device to hold it closed.
  • It lays completely flat when you open it all the way.
  • You can use it with our without an insert.
  • These foam inserts fit perfectly in this case along as this one for StarBlends or Ben Nye Magicakes.
  • This case fits the 30gr, 32gr, 18ml rounds, 30gr rectangles, the 50gr rectangles of all brands, and just the 45gr containers of FAB.
  • It holds 9 Starblends or Magicake Sized Containers
  • The 45gr and 90gr containers of Wolfe FX, Diamond FX, and TAG won't fit in this case when closed (the 45gr will if you take the bottom of the screw on base off).
  • Case dimensions:

    The outside dimensions are 12 8/16" W x 10 4/16" D x 1 3/16" H

    The inside dimensions 12 5/16" W x 9 10/16" D and 6/16" H

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