TULIP Dimensional Fabric Paint - Bling Builder

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint | Bling Builder

It is time to get creative with one of our newest additions to our shop, TULIP Dimensional Fabric Paint. Tulip's fabric paint is an incredible tool that will help you create the most amazing jewel clusters. It comes in several shades, some with glitter or metallic looks.

If you don't know what jewel clusters are, also called bling, you can take a look at these Dazzle Bling Jewel Clusters which are pre-made ones we sell at our face paint store for those of you with less patience or less time.

How do I use TULIP Dimensional Fabric Paint - Bling Builder?

Grab an acetate sheet or another non-adherent material to build your bling on top of. If you need guidance you can draw the designs first with pencil on a paper sheet, lay it underneath the acetate, and trace the design wit the Tulip dimensional paint. Once you have your base design, add some gems to it using or Jest Jewelz Face Painting Gems. Now it is time to let it dry, it can take anywhere in between 24 and 72 hours to completely dry depending on the weather and how thick the application was.

You have to make sure the glue is completely dry before applying the cluster to the skin as the product is not safe to come in contact with the skin until it is 100% cured.

Dazzle Bling Gem Clusters | Pink & Purple Mix (5 Pieces)

If you want to add an extra layer of safety in between the fabric glue and the skin, you can coat the back end of the bling (once dry) with liquid band-aid. You can also stick the cluster to a medical tape sheet and trim around the edges. This option will allow you to then use the gem clusters as transfers to stick them directly on the skin without the need of an adhesive.

How do I apply Gem Clusters to the Face?

If you are not using medical tape, then simply add some skin safe body glue like the one you use for temporary glitter tattoos, to the back of the gem cluster, let the glue dry up a bit while in contact with the air so it gets tacky and then apply to the skin. You can also use Mehron's Medial Grade Adhesive Strips and Dots or stick the clusters to a sheet of medical grade tape and trim around the edges.


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