Comparing Rainbow Cake Sizes and Super Painting Tips!

Rainbow Cakes and One Strokes are magic in the face painting world. They allow us painters to cover large areas in a speedy amount of time by a stroke of a brush or by pouncing around with a sponge. Rainbow cakes can assure that any face painter’s line is moving along in a timely fashion. Large Rainbow cake can be used to cover a whole face for a design like a tiger and the smaller 1 Strokes can be used to create speedy crowns, rainbows and dolphins. They can also be used for full faces. All sizes have become a staple in many professional face painter’s kits. They allow dramatic color, and coverage that blends together easily. Rainbow cakes can even take the guessing out of what colors might work well together.

Just like us, rainbow cakes come in different colors and sizes. It is a good idea to be in the know about what you are getting. Our picture represents the different size containers available at Jest Paint so that you can see how they look side by side.

For 50 gram rainbow cakes, there are three different size containers that are most likely to be found. Prisma from Mehron has a container that is the longest out of the three 50 gram containers and Silly Farm’s 50 gram container is the widest. Global’s 50 gram container is the most common size and is also used by TAG, Diamond FX, and Kryvaline. 50 gram rainbow cakes pair up great with sponges so you can pick up all of the colors at one time. If only wanting to use 2 or 3 colors out of the rainbow cake a flat 1” or a flat ¾” brush works great.

Kryvaline and Cameleon also have 40 gram containers that are unique in size. They are a happy medium from your small standard 30 gram cake and large 50 gram cake. Splash Sponges by Jest Paint have the half-moon sponge that fits in the 40 gram container perfectly and is the best way to apply all of the colors at one time.

30 gram rainbow cakes, also referred to as 1 strokes, Colorblocks, Arty Cakes or Fun Strokes, pair well with Kryvaline’s Small Never Stain black sponge. It works with a 1” or ¾” flat or angled face paint brush. 30 gram 1 stroke cakes are great for doing fast rainbows across face or using the gradient effect to create full faced monsters and dragons! Check out our YouTube channel for demo videos!

JestPaint Face Paint

The 10 gram container of rainbow cakes are what I would call fun sized. This size comes in the Global Fun Stroke Palette’s, Rainbow Splash and Rainbow Burst, which each includes 6 Global Mini Fun Strokes. They are a little wider than a 30 gram container and shorter. Brushes or sponges used the long way seem to be the best fit.

Choose a sponge size based on how many colors you want to pick up, and go for it. When a sponge is being used make sure the sponge is moist and the paint is creamy (a common mistake is using too much water) and sweep it from side to side across the cake to load up the sponge. When reloading the sponge with paint make sure to line up the colors to match what is already on the sponge. Hold the cake so that any dripping paint will run down the color of the stripe, and not across the whole rainbow.

When choosing a brush, do it based on how many colors of face paint you want to pick up. Use a wet brush that is not dripping water. Load the brush by sweeping the bristles side to side. If more water is needed just put the tiny tip of the brush in the water. You want the paint to be fully loaded, appearing wet and shiny, but not drippy. If colors start muddying up rinse the brush and repeat.

Thank for reading! I hope you found some good tips!

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Submitted by Kristen Adams - A Jest Paint Pro!

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