Vegan Face Paint

Vegan face paint is the newest craze to hit the face painting world.

Living vegan just became a little easier for families across the United States. Gary Cole, a well-known face in our industry has introduced a new line of Ruby Red Face and Body Paint to the world as vegan. The regular line of Ruby Red colors are Vegan but the UV/NEON paints are not vegan (they contain shellac) and the "Natural" line of face paint is not vegan because it contains beeswax.

Calling this new line vegan is a quick and savvy way to explain to customers that their face paint is free of harsh chemicals and animal byproducts. Vegan body paints are free of lanolin, carmine or other animal byproducts, and they have not been tested on animals, making these products an excellent solution for animal conscious families, individuals and organizations interested in face painting for recreational or fundraising purposes.

Ruby Red manages to maintain great quality and bright long-lasting colors while ensuring the products you put on your skin are healthy, safe, and free of animal involvement. Ruby Red Face Paint isn’t the only product line offering safe, friendly alternative paints.

Here at JestPaint we make it a point to carry a variety of high quality products for you to choose from- all of our items are hypoallergenic and none of them are tested on animals, and many are also Vegan. Some of our featured face paint brands that meet the Vegan requirements are Ruby Red, Global Colours, Cameleon, TAG, Kryvaline, Paradise, and Diamond FX.

Vegan cosmetics have been gaining popularity nationwide as conscientious consumers look to avoid animal products. Customers with sensitive skin are gaining more options to avoid harsh chemicals and enjoy the fun of face painting and body art.

Additional Benefits of Ruby Red Face Paints

Vegan products have become increasingly popular among professional face and body painters in recent years thanks to their hypoallergenic and cruelty-free attributes. Some of the most important advantages of vegan body paints include the following:

  • Paints created without the use of animal products or testing can be used by all customers, vegan or not.
  • Ruby Red does not contain lanolin (the only face paint brand that contains by products from lanolin at our store is FAB, all others are also lanolin free). Lanolin can produce rashes and discomfort in those allergic to wool. By choosing products that contain no lanolin, face and body painters can protect customers against these unpleasant side effects and ensure no sheep were involved in the creation of this face paint.
  • By their nature, vegan body and face paints are more environmentally friendly than comparable items manufactured using animal products or testing.
  • Beyond being Vegan, Ruby Red does not contain paraben preservatives. Parabens in cosmetics have been loosely linked to health issues in recent years and many customers are opting for paraben free shampoos, deodorants, and other beauty products. By avoiding the use of parabens as preservatives in these products, vegan paint manufacturers can appeal to customers who are adverse to the use of these chemicals. Many other brands at JestPaint are paraben free, like Diamond FX, TAG, Cameleon and Wolfe FX.
  • Ruby Red, as well as many other brands at our store are perfume free. Eliminating perfumes can reduce the risk of skin irritation or general reactions from those who are sensitive to the scent of perfumes, or have perfume allergies. This can help professional face painters and their clientele with sensitive skin avoid allergic reactions to face and body paint.

The increasing availability of vegan products within the industry will allow professional face painting studios to serve all their clients more effectively and safely. Reducing the incidence of irritation can produce a more attractive end result and can provide positive buzz for companies locally and in the regional marketplace.

Creating a Unique New Look

Face painting can provide entertainment for children and adults alike. By choosing from among the products available at Jest Paint, both professional and amateur painters can create beautiful looks to delight and impress their clients. Vegan paints from the Ruby Red Face and Body Paint product line designed and developed by Gary Cole are available in a range of colors and formulations, including the following:

  • Neutral and bright tones that provide outstanding coverage for face and body painting
  • Metallic tones for special effects and accents
  • Pearl colors that create an iridescent shine for beauty make-up
  • Pre-packaged palettes to make purchasing basic face paints easier and more convenient for end users

By purchasing these products online through Jest Paint, professionals and amateurs can ensure the best prices and the highest quality for innovative vegan face and body paints. Jest Paint is always available to answer any questions you may have.

We believe vegan face paint is the way of the future, as people become more selective about what products they allow on their skin. By using vegan face paints from Jest Paint, you can find great vibrant colors that will work well for everyone.

The full line of face and body paints available from Jest Paint can provide the variety and quality needed to achieve outstanding results. The addition of Ruby Red Face and Body Paint products to Jest Paint's inventory will allow an even greater degree of choice for professionals in the modern face paint industry.

UPDATE! Ruby Red also has a line of Natural Face Paints, made with all natural base products and natural minerals for coloring, though they are not vegan since they have organic beeswax. Click here to see a video demo.

We’re excited to hear your opinions. Let us know what you think about vegan face paint by leaving us a comment below.

Here are some links to check out if you want more information about using cruelty free products: Thanks to Nancy Kartoon from Fantastic Face Artist for providing these links!

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