Bad Ass Mini (BAM) Stencils Aprox 5 x 3"

Bad Ass Stencils were created by award winning makeup artist and body painter, Andrea O'Donnell. Bad Ass stencils for face paint are great for airbrush and for regular cake face paint applied with a slightly damp sponge or kabuki brush. When using a sponge, make sure your sponge is almost dry, and that you have enough creamy face paint to make a clear impression through the stencil without any bleeding.

Approximately 5 x 3 inches

BAMS are larger than HAS stencils, but they still can be used on the face. Pick a stencil to add details to the wings of your butterflies, backgrounds to your princess crowns and scales to your monsters. The dot patterned face paint stencils are super cool for face painting super heroes! You will see a lot of stencil designs that will also work for cool graffiti eyes. Watch this video to see them in action. YouTube has a lot of great face paint stencil tutorials for even more ideas.

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