Blue Squid | KID'S Face Paint - Value Party Pack

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What is included in this Kid's Face Painting Kit?

The Blue Squid Kid’s Face Painting Value Party Pack includes: 8 vivid colors, 30 reusable stencils, double sided applicator, 168 stick on gems, 2 makeup sponges, 1 chunky silver glitter, 1 fine silver glitter, and 2 professional face painting brushes.

What is Blue Squid Kid's Face Paint Value Party Pack best for?

Blue Squid Kid's Face Painting Value Party Pack is a great option for a low price! This kit provides your most basic essentials for getting starting making this a great option for young painters or one time events!

How to apply and remove Blue Squid Kid's face paint?

Blue Squid face and body paints are activated with water, and require only a small amount of water to get them activated.  We recommend that face painters or parents apply water to their face painting brush or sponge and then load the makeup onto their tool, rather than spraying the face paints with a misting bottle. Spraying might lead to an over absorption of water into your face paint cake, which means soft, sticky paint that is harder to use. Set down that spray bottle and simply moisten your brush or sponge based on how much paint you want to activate, rub the wet applicator against the makeup cake in circular motions until you have created a smooth light creamy paste, wipe any excess paint off of your sponge or brush on the edge of the container and apply to the skin. Blue Squid face paints remove very easily with soap and water, simply lather your face with soap using a soft sponge or wash cloth, rub the makeup gently until it looks like all of it has been loosened from the skin and then rinse with water; repeat as needed. Make sure to always use soap first since using water first will remove the oils from your skin that help prevent staining while leaving most of the makeup still on. If any faint stains are left after washing the skin off, you can use lotion, makeup remover, night crème or baby oil to moisten your face and clean any remaining makeup residue. It is highly recommended, as with all cosmetic products to do a small skin patch test before face painting as everyone’s skin is different.

What else do I need to know about Blue Squid face and body paint?

Blue Squid Kid's face and body paints are superior quality, cosmetic grade products! These products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-toxic, vegan and natural. This line of face paints is FDA compliant which makes it gentle for toddlers with sensitive skin. Designed in Britain and manufactured in China.

Do not apply to broken or infected skin. Take extra care around eyes and mouth. Do small skin patch test prior to use. Colours can be mixed and can be removed with soap and water. For best results use makeup remover or baby wipes. FDA approved ingredients. Conforms to CE EN-71 & EU/76/768 EEC










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