Global Body Art | One Stroke Face Painting Sampler Palette - Carnival - 12 x 15gm

by Global Body Art | Product Code: GBAPA118

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What is included in this Carnival kit?
The Carnival Kit by Global Body Art includes 6 Global Sampler One Strokes: Dragon Fire, Princess Crown, Ruby Rose, Frozen Princess, Snake Skin, Rainbow. It also includes a solid cake of white and 5 split cakes with two colors: Strong Black/ Rose Brown, Red/Orange, Magenta/Yellow, Dark Blue/Baby Blue, Green Deep/Lime Green. 

What are the dimensions of the case and cakes?
The case is approximately 7.87" x 4.72" x 0.79".  The case in mostly for packaging purposes to keep the 12 cakes together. See images.
Each container is approximately 2 1/16" x 1 1/4" x 10/16". There are approximately 15 grams of paint in each container. The little One Stroke containers are removable, so that they can be taken out for you to load your paint with the cake in your hand, and it also makes cleaning the palette easier.

How to apply and remove Global paint?
Load a wet flat, angled or filbert brush back and forth over the One Stroke cake, using a small amount of water to moisten your paint. Choose a brush size based on how many colors you want to pick up. A 1" flat brush will pick up all of the colors.  Hold the cake vertically so that any dripping paint will run down the color of the stripe, and not across the whole rainbow.
Put just the tiny tip of your brush back in your water cup if you need to add more water. You want the paint to be fully loaded, appearing wet and shiny, but not drippy. Make sure that your brush is lined up with the correct colors when you reload. Rinse and repeat if colors start to get too mixed. This paint removes easily from most surfaces with soap and water.

What is the Carnival Sampler Kit best for?
This palette is a great way to try out the Global Body Art line of face paints. This palette contains cakes that are good for a wide variety of designs for boys and girls and makes a great travel kit, or a useful addition to your face paint set up. I love this kit because it truly has the most basic split cakes and the most basic solid colors all in one palette! It is great as a travel kit, as a walk around kit, a fundraising kit, a gift for a new face painter or for your regular gigs for those who like to keep a small condensed kit. Read about each cake under the One Stroke section. Each cake is shorter, shallower and wider than the original One Strokes.

What else should I know about Global Colour paints?
There are no neon colors in this palette. All Standard colors are made with FDA compliant ingredients and are hypoallergenic. Global cakes are made in China under the direction of Global Body Art in Australia. They contain no perfume, parabens or lanolin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Global cakes are vegan and they are not tested on animals.

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