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COUPON CODES INFORMATION: Check our home page slide show to see if we have any special sales this week! We truly appreciate you support at Jest Paint! We keep our everyday prices low to help you save money. We know that everybody likes cheap face paint so we strive to offer you the best deals while still only selling high quality hypoallergenic and child safe products. We also like having special sales as an added bonus, and we have a lot of "coupon codfree" sales up for a week or two at a time. If you missed a coupon code sale, take advantage of the other deals on our Blow Out Sale Page!

You will enter the code at checkout, under the shopping cart list once you click the checkout button. Your Coupon code will show up at the bottom of your list of items in your shopping cart after applying it. It has to be there in order for us to know that you want to participate and get any discounts or freebies at checkout. Always read the coupon code rules posted with every coupon so that you know how to use it and qualify for the sale. Coupons must show on your invoice (not as a note) and must be entered at checkout to be valid. Orders can not be cancelled to take part of a sale. Coupons are only valid at and only for retail customers.

Only one coupon code per order is allowed; and also only one per customer/shipping address during a sale is allowed. Coupons can not be applied to Gift Certificates, Workshops or the Jest Paint Treasure Box and those items do not count to meet the minimum purchase required for your coupon to be valid. If one is applied, we will contact you to collect the balance. Sales are not retroactive.


Blowout Sale

If you were looking for high quality but cheap face paint Jest Paint has you covered! Come one, come all, to the greatest face paint sale of them all!!

The items in this category are discounted because we won't be stocking them anymore, and a few are here because we accidentally overstocked them, but they are all still great quality and safe products.

Get these goodies while you can at these great prices without the need for extra sales or coupons! There are no issues with these products, but no returns or exchanges will be taken on these items starting on 02/22/2016. All sales are final. Thank you! 

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