Masterson Art Products | Rinse Well's SPARE Water Bottle with Flat Cap

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by Masterson Art Products, INC. | Product Code: MAPB101

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What is this Rinse Well Spare Bottle Designed For?

If you have long festivals or back to back gigs it is a great idea to have one or two extra Rinse Well bottles on hand so that you have enough water to get through your face painting events without having to do more than unscrew the empty bottle and pop on a new one. If your bottle eventually breaks you can also buy a new one without having to buy a whole new system. Click here if you would like to see the whole Rinse Well Brush Cleaning System. Contact us if you are looking for other spare parts. 

How Much Water Does the Rinse Well Bottle Hold?

This bottle holds 28 oz. Since you will only use a small amount of water between each client you could make it through a 2 hour birthday party without ever having to change your water, and always having a fresh supply for each face painting client in your chair. 




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