Cameleon Face and Body Paint

Cameleon Paints And Sets For Face Painters

Cameleon is a versitile line of face paint named after the lizard of the same name as a nod to its ability to change and display a wide range of vibrant colors to blend in with it’s surroundings. Cameleon face paint has already a huge splash in the face painting world. 

The vibrant Cameleon face paint sets featured here are wax based, making them perfect for fine details, smooth sponging and effective layering of colors. Cameleon body paint is safe and comfortable on the skin and can be washed off  with soap and water so you can change quickly to blend in with your surroundings also. Try out these bright paints, palettes, and rainbow cakes today!

*Is your paint not activating with water? Please remember to peel off the thin plastic sheets from your new cakes when they arrive. :)

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