Crown Stencils

Are you looking for a way to paint beautiful crowns with the help of stencils? These gorgeous designs look great on the forehead but also work for necklace decorations and arm bands! Face painters that struggle with symmetry find stencils perfect for creating well balanced designs! If you find yourself getting a lot of requests for mermaids and princesses, these crowns are smart addition to your kit!  Find full crowns made of flowers, stars, hearts, spiders, intricate linework, shells and more!

The OOH Stencils come in 2 styles, wraps and flips. Both can be used as crowns or around the sides of the eyes. Boomerang stencils and Milena Stencils are perfectly sized to be used on the forehead and around the eye as well. You are going to find so many uses for these stencils besides crowns, you can fill butterfly wings and use sections for cheek art or décor behind cheek art and masks.  Check out the end of the list for unicorn horns, mermaid shells and other types of crown centerpieces too!

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