Diamond FX Paint - Large 12 Color Neon / Metallic Palette

by Diamond FX | Product Code: DFXPA103

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This kit comes with a small flat and round brush. Each Color has 10gr of paint aprox. These neon colors are black light reactive, and the Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green are very bright under normal lighting as well. The neon blue and purple do not have a strong daylight glow effect.

The Metallic Colors are Pink, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue and Violet. They have a lot of shimmer!

Please Note that: Neon Magenta, Yellow, Green and Orange contain certain neon pigments that haven't been tested by the FDA to be use in cosmetics. The label says they are For Hair and Special effects only, and not a cosmetic. The Metallic colors are all FDA compliant for cosmetics.

Neon colors are made with pigments that have not been approved by the USA Cosmetic Regulator to be used in cosmetics (the agency has not tested them yet for cosmetic use). According to the manufacturer they have been independently tested and determined safe for cosmetic use by independent labs and by other government agencies in different countries. Following the regulator’s  guidelines, they are labeled as a Special FX Product - Prosthetic Paint (for professional use only) - Not a cosmetic Product Apply product to prosthetic appliances, bald caps, clothing, etc. This applies ONLY to the UV/Neon pigments in this product and not to the rest of the pigments, and ONLY in the USA and some parts of Europe.

DFX has Neon Blue, Neon White and Neon Violet that only contains ingredients that have been approved by the FDA to be use in cosmetics. They do not have a strong glow under regular light, just under black light.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Este kit viene con un pequeño pincel plano y redondo. Cada color tiene 10gr de pintura aprox. Estos colores de neón son reactivos a la luz negra, y el rosa, naranja, amarillo y verde también son muy brillantes bajo iluminación normal. El azul neón y el púrpura no tienen un fuerte efecto de brillo diurno.

Los colores metálicos son Pink, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue y Violet. ¡Tienen mucho brillo!

Ten en cuenta que: Neon Magenta, Yellow, Green y Orange contienen ciertos pigmentos de neón que no han sido probados por la FDA para su uso en cosméticos. La etiqueta dice que son solo para cabello y efectos especiales, y no un cosmético.
Los colores metálicos cumplen con las normas FDA para cosméticos.
DFX tiene Neon Blue, Neon White y Neon Violet que sólo contienen ingredientes que han sido aprobados por la FDA para su uso en cosméticos. No tienen un fuerte resplandor bajo luz regular, sólo bajo luz negra.
Por favor, ponte en contacto con nosotros si tienes alguna pregunta.

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