FAB Face Paint and Makeup

FAB Face Paint and Makeup

FAB face paint was first introduced to the U.S. by our friends at Silly Farm Supplies and is made by Superstar in Holland. We carry all of FAB’s best selling face paint colors from their bold classic colors to delightful shimmery pigments. FAB makeup is as easy to apply as it is easy to remove. Simply dampen your sponge or brush to apply this paint and enjoy the full coverage and creamy consistency. These paints will last throughout your event and are just as easy to remove as they are to apply with a little soap and water.

The FAB Superstar face paint colors are vibrant and the consistency is very easy to work with. FAB makeup is softer than some other brands since it is a glycerin based paint, and this quality makes it perfect for blending smooth bases. Although FAB paint used to be highly perfumed, most colors now only have a slight perfume content so they can be used on sensitive skin. FAB shimmer face paint pigments are sure to turn heads at any event. If you haven’t tried FAB face paint yet, give it a try today. These great paints will make the perfect addition to your kit.

*Before using your paint please take note of the fragrance. We add notes about the perfumes but cannot account for small changes from batch to batch, so the descriptions may vary. We do not offer refunds on used paints, so make sure you like the scent before application

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