Fusion Body Art Face Paints - Rainbow Cakes

Fusion Body Art Rainbow Cakes are multi colored split cakes that can be used with a face painting sponge or brush (if you want to pick just a few colors) to create amazing looking designs in just a few steps.

Combining different shades and types of face paints, Fusion Body Art offers a beautiful range of carefully crafted Rainbow Cakes that will help you achieve almost every design on your face painting menu.

Fusion Body Art enlisted the help of world renown artists like Leanne Courtney and our very own Anna Wilinski to create some of the amazing color combinations available below. Don't miss your chance and grab a few of the Unicorns and Mermaids Rainbow Cakes created by Anna and Santi from Jest Paint, you won't regret it!

Open each cake to find out how to activate them, neon info, ingredients list, safety information and more! Fusion Paints are Vegan,  Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Perfume Free. 

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