Superstar Face Painting Book | Fearsome Faces by Matteo Arfonotti

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by Superstar | Product Code: SSB105

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Matteo Arfonotti is an award winning face and body painting artist from Italy. This NEW advanced face painting book is filled with tips and tricks to help you create amazing works of creepy art!  Fearsome Faces is mostly step by step images with a small amount of text. The face paint colors used in this book can all be found in Matteo's Fearsome Faces Palette that contains all of the Superstar colors that are perfect for old age, zombies, aliens, monsters and other illusion makeup! You are going to learn so many ways to add dimension and details that will help you create your own unique characters!  The designs in this book are: The dummy, The living dead, Creeps (slugs slithering on the face), Predator, Creepy clown, Ogre-Goblin, Roots (weaving roots or bird bones), The sorceress, Catrina(Sugar Skull), Cyborg, Skull, Orlok, Pimples and tears, Tripomonster, and Patchwork. 

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