How to Face Paint - Face Painting Tips

How to Face Paint - Face Painting Techniques, Tips and More

This section is dedicated exclusively to the art of face painting, here you will find information on face painting techniques, how to use different face painting tools, how to make great face painting designs, etc. This is the number one section to learn how to face paint. We also have two more sections dedicated to business advice and downloadable documents, and one for tutorials to follow along and practice specific designs.
Each topic below covers one important aspect that you will need to master to learn how to face paint like a pro. Some topics are very specific and related to special techniques or tools that those who do not intend to do this professionally can skip over. Other topics, mostly the first eleven posts, are purely focused on the basics of learning how to face paint and you should read them carefully to make sure that you have all of the basic things covered.
Once you have gotten all of the basic techniques down, you can head over to the Face Painting Tutorials section to learn how to face paint specific designs.

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