Kryolan Aquacolor Cosmetic Grade UV 30ml

Kryolan’s brand new collection of cosmetic grade UV Aquacolors have revolutionized the industry by introducing fully cosmetic grade dayglow colors that have a soft glow under regular day light and a subtle glow under black light. Feel confident when applying the new Kryolan Aquacolor UV Cosmetic Grade face paints to your customers skin, as all of the pigments used have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in the USA and Europe. This oil-free formula is easy to apply with a slightly moisten sponge or brush by simply rubbing the moisten applicator into the cake and then applying the product to the skin with the applicator. To wash it off simply use soap and warm water.
All Kryolan Aquacolors have a creamy blendable consistency that will bend with your skin and prevent cracks from developing. Their light formula is very comfortable on the skin. After testing these colors we suggest them mainly as colors that can be used under daylight if you are looking for a brighter effect than regular face paints. But some are a bit more translucent than matte colors. In general their glow under black light is very subtle and can not be compared with the intense glow of regular neon paints, though some glow much stronger than others. Read each color description to learn more. 
Kryolan products can only be shipped within the USA.

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