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Kryolan Aquacolors were here at the start of the modern face and body painting trend over 30 years ago. Kryolan cosmetics are highly regarded in the makeup industry, and their range of Kryolan Aquacolor paints show you how innovative they are with color and special effects. Kryolan face paints are glycerin based, rich and creamy. They are loved for the fact that they dry a little slower, allowing for the most amazing blending. If you are looking for white to make cat muzzles or white face clown bases, you will love how easy it is to achieve a smooth solid and comfortable coverage with Kryolan professional makeup. Though Kryolan Aquacolors are self-setting, you can set your body paint or face paint designs with translucent powder if you want the most durable finish.

Interferenze colors are a unique line of Kryolan makeup. Many of the shades have an iridescent duo-chrome effect that goes above and beyond typical face paint. The Kryolan Aquacolor metallic paints are the most realistic looking metallic face paints available. If you are looking to buy silver to body paint a person like a statue or robot, these Kryolan products will not fail you! Kryolan makeup can be used with other brands of face paint, or intermixed between the different styles of Kryolan Aquacolor paints.

*Please Note: Kryolan products purchased in the US are not permitted to be sold/shipped internationally

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