Loew Cornell Face Painting Brush Washer | BRUSH TUB II

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What are the dimensions of the Loew Cornell Brush Tub II?

The Brush Tub is 9 x 5 1/2 x 3 5/8 inches tall. The tallest divider wall is 2 3/4 inches tall.

What is this Loew Cornell face painting brush washer best for?

The Loew Cornell Brush Tub II is their latest version of their extremely useful brush washing system. The Brush Tub II has three chambers that you can fill with water or other liquids. You could use these chambers in multiple ways to help keep your bushes clean. You could use the first large chamber, that has a graduated ridged bottom, to rinse off dark colors from your face painting brush by gently rubbing your brush back and forth along the ridges to loosen your face paint more quickly and efficiently. Try to not rub the tips against the ridges to avoid fraying, instead rub your brush up close to the metal ferrule to vibrate the paint out of the brush. You could use the second chamber to rinse off white and/or to reload your brush with a little more water as you paint. The last chamber could be used for a final rinse of pure water, or water with a little brush cleaner in it, like Lush Brush or a other sealers or activators. The material is even strong enough for oil paint solvents. When you want to change your water just dump the contents into a bucket or sink and refill with fresh water. The Brush Tub II has 16 holes to hold your most used brushes. The material is very thick and sturdy and the lid has a tray inside that you could use for mixing colors, which is helpful if you use liquid paints and alcohol based paints like DIPS. The brush supports between the smaller two divides can be used for holding brushes that need to be suspended in alcohol or other solvents.

How should I clean the Brush Tub II?

Wash your brush tub out after every event with a soapy face painting sponge or cloth. You can use disinfecting wipes or a magic eraser to clean up any stubborn stains.  Use an old face paint brush or tooth brush to clean between the grooves if paint starts to build up there. The grey color is nice for masking any slight stains that may remain. Make sure to let your Brush Tub dry before sealing it with the lid after events to avoid mold or bacteria growth. While on the job, help keep your brush washer looking clean by only using the center divider walls to wipe off access paint from your brush, instead of the inner walls of the tub.

What else should I know about Loew Cornell products?

Loew Cornell has been making high quality artist products since 1963. You can trust the craftsmanship of all of their well designed products. Face painters have been using Loew Cornell brushes, sponges and cleaning items for decades, and we are proud to carry their lines of products at Jest Paint. The Brush Tub II is made in China.  










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