Superstar Face Painting Book | Syllie Faces by Syl Verberk

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by Superstar | Product Code: SSB105

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Syl Verberk is an award winning artist that had managed to create very easy to follow designs that can be replicated by beginners and advanced painters in a few of minutes. The colors used in this book can all be found in Syl's Syllie Faces Palette that contains all Superstar colors that are perfect for fairies, butterflies, kittens, mermaids and so much more! Get inspired and mix and match techniques to create more of your own unique designs. The designs in this book are: Pitrate Cat, Dot Monster, Scarecrow, Butterfly, Ice Princess, Flower Fairy, Sad Clown, Statue, Little Elves, Sugar Skull, Easy Sugar Skull, Cheetah, Pirate, Witch of the Woods, Good Witch, Owls, Ice Tiger, Moustache Man, Toadstool Kitty, Vampirella, Flower Eye Design, and Dragon's Eye. 

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