ProAiir™ Hybrid Makeup, SOLIDS, DIPS & INKS

ProAiir™ Hybrid Makeup is the truly unique as it contains no water and blends together a complete set of water resistant makeup ingredients. This waterproof body paint is designed to hold up in the toughest conditions from sweat to swimming and truly sets the standard as the most durable, longest lasting, non-staining, and most water resistant washable makeup formula on the market. You can use the ProAiir paints with an airbrush or sponge and brush, or try the Dips face paint line with a traditional paint brush to create intricate designs.

We carry an amazing range of colors from striking metallics to black-light body paint that glows under UV lighting. Following the simple application instructions, ProAiir™ airbrush body paint will outperform and outlast all hybrid products for application and durability. Not only will your designs look better and last longer, you will have happy customers from the time the design is complete until they are ready to remove it. Ease of application, durability, and simple removal make this a professional face paint artist’s dream.

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