Rainbow Cakes / Split Cakes

Rainbow Face Paint Cakes

Create colorful blending and shadowing effects with our multicolored face painting cakes. These cakes are portable and easy to use so you can work on designs with the included colors or grab a sponge to use them all at once. There is no better way to create a rainbow or a flame with perfect consistency than using these split face painting cakes. A blending task that could have once taken a long time can now be accomplished in one simple stroke. For this reason, these face paint rainbow cakes have really revolutionized the industry and we are excited to offer our selection to you.

We hand pick rainbow face paint cakes based on our years of experience creating innovative face painting designs. Our collection boasts delightful color combinations from all our biggest brands including Diamond FX, Prisma, Global, Kryvaline, Cameleon and Silly Farm. Jest Paint has even partnered with TAG to offer some exclusive face painting cakes that you can’t find anywhere else. Shop our great selection now! CHECK OUT OUR BLOG POST ABOUT WHY WE LOVE RAINBOW CAKES HERE!

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